Masters of the Arena (Mota) is a retro-styled, fantasy, tactical combat arena where players assemble the perfect team and compete against hordes of enemies in engaging, yet moderately paced strategic arenas.

Gather your party from various regions of the land by winning the favor of twelve factions. Then compete in the arenas for wealth and prizes against all manner of pixelated animals, warriors, wizards, demons, and yes... of course... even zombies.


  • 12 classes to strategically build your party
  • 48 items to further customise your characters
  • 4 different arena modes to test your mettle
  • 12 story arenas to challenge and reward you
  • Available on Android devices and Windows
6 star rating
Would if I could. Love it. Great game.
Looking forward to the future of this game. Good work!
Great litte game!
If you like rpg's and/or strategy, get this now!

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Masters of the Arena