Classes in Mota

Mota ClassesWith four character slots in your party and twelve possible classes to fill them with, the possiblities are endless! Well, maybe not 'endless', but over 20,000 possiblities is lot of options! ;)

Each class plays differently; some move faster, hit faster, hit harder, etc. and experimenting with the combination of classes can be a both a lot of fun, and sometimes strategically surprising.

Unlock all of the classes and see how they work together!

Unlocking Classes

Classes are unlocked by completing their accompanying story arena. Not all story arenas are complete, however, so unlocking the classes without story arenas with arena-earned money is an option. The more classes you have unlocked, the more expensive new unlocks become.


Each class has a a possible four items. These items are specific to the character and are designed to alter the mechanics of that character in the arena in some way. Each character in your party can choose an item from those that are unlocked, and they are not exclusive-use, so if you have two of a class in your party, they can both use the same item if you like.


Every class is special. Erm... every class has a special! Yeah, that's it. Specials are class-specific abilities that allow your party to play active roles in deciding the fate of the arena. Sure, a warrior could sit there and slash an enemy... or he could flail himself in a whirlwind of fury and send all opponents near him flying! Which sounds more fun to you?

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